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Welcome to the website of Crescent Dental Associates. 
We strive to be your trusted dentists.
With two convenient locations in Wilmington and Bear, Delaware.

Wilmington Office: (302) 230-0000
Bear Office: (302) 836-6968



                               Statement about COVID-19

At Crescent Dental we are taking all the necessary steps to heighten our cleaning and disinfection procedures so you can enjoy a safe and healthy visit. We always exceed the standards for disinfection and sterilization of all instruments and treatment rooms. As an extra precaution are asking all patients (with the exception of parents of minor children) to arrive alone to their appointment to reduce number of people in the waiting room. We also ask all patients to rinse with a 1% Hydrogen Peroxide mouthwash prior to aerosol producing procedures to reduce chance of airborne transmission. If you have an up coming appointment, please inform our staff if you have a fever, cold, loss of sense of smell or taste, red itchy eyes or flu like symptoms. If you have any of these symptoms, you should stay home and call your family doctor.

COVID-19 Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Delaware Division of Public Health: 

Website for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Memos:


The purpose of this website is to introduce our dental practice to future patients and to educate our visitors on topics of dentistry which maybe of interest to them. My name is Dr. Syamack Ganjavian and I established this practice together with my partner and spouse, Dr. Zahra Ashrafi. All of the case studies presented in this website are dentistry done by us and presented for illustration purposes.  We designed and built our website from scratch and wrote every single word in it. Here you will not find generic content, flash animation, splash pages or cookie cutter dentist website design; just the information you need in plain language!
My goal in creating this website is to share with you our philosophy of treatment. It is a tool to help you decide whether we are the right dental practice for you.  We believe in Minimally Invasive and Comprehensive Dentistry. We believe that the natural tooth structure is precious, and if there is an alternative treatment that can help preserve more of the natural structure of the tooth, that is a better treatment for our patients.

I would like to show you the amazing advances in Cosmetic, Reconstructive, and Implant Dentistry available here in Wilmington and Bear, Delaware. Here you can see the incredible potential of Invisible Braces (ClearCorrectTM) & 6-Month Smile Orthodontics, KOR® in-office dental bleaching, Snap-on Smile®, Lumineers® (Porcelain Veneers), Dental Implants, Xeomin® Injections for treatment of oral conditions, Composite Fillings, and Ceramic Crowns in pictures of actual cases done by us. Browse around our website, and you'll discover why Crescent Dental is not your typical dental office. Visit our office in person, and you will know you've found something special. Thanks for visiting our website!  It was a lot of work!  In case you are wondering about why we named our office 'Crescent Dental' take a look at our very unique and crescent shaped building next time you drive by our Wilmington office! 

If you are just browsing and looking for information, make sure you check out the emergencies section on this website. There you will find a wealth of information rarely available anywhere else and you never know when you will need this information.

We look forward to caring for you and your family for years to come. Make sure to check our sister site for those  interested in orthodontic treatments.   

Crescent Dental Associates

Syamack Ganjavian, DDS
Zahra Ashrafi, DDS